Keeping Music Live in Sheffield

Finding sessions can be a minefield, we aim to make it an easier path to tread, so you can enjoy  more music. 

Hi, I'm Jaki.  

I've been following my husband, Andy, to Sheffield Sessions since the early 90s.  When we finally moved here in 2014, we found so many more opportunities to sing,  play and jam together with the good people of Sheffield.

​After the covid lockdowns, a lot of regular sessions changed. It appears to be valued as a useful source of information, mainly as a listing of all the sessions we could find out about, and some (I list very few of these) open mics too.

I have moved the listings over to a new platform, which I am hoping will be easier to use and update.  Fingers crossed.​

Most importantly, if you have any updates, corrections or additions, please let me know. I hope to keep this as accurate and up to date as possible.

Meanwhile, a couple of hat-tips to other fine Sheffield providers.  

First Nye and all his great work at Finale Guitar. In 2022 Nye Farley took over as head of Turner Guitars and we wish him as much success with that, as he's had inspiring Andy to improve his guitar skills.

Secondly, another brilliant Sheffield  listing, run by Kathy Barnes: Sheffield Folk Guide is a treasure trove of up to date information.

Maybe we'll meet in a session one day - we can usually be found at Fagans and the Dog & Partridge at the weekends, and the Gardeners Rest at other times.


June 2023